Telephone & VOIP


You can't function in today's fast-paced, high-tech business world without quality telecommunications tools, particularly telephone systems. Whether you run a three-person office or a large call center, we handle all of your telephone needs so you can focus on running your business.

The first and most important step in designing your phone system is to determine exactly what you need your system to accomplish. Our experienced staff works with you to make these decisions, then designs an integrated system to meet your present and future needs and goals.

CIT is the only authorized dealer of Samsung business telephone systems in Mid-Missouri.

We carry professional phone systems and accessories from industry-leading manufacturers. We are the only authorized dealer of Samsung telephone systems in Mid-Missouri and we carry a full selection of Samsung business phones, VOIP systems, and voice/data equipment. With all of these options, we'll provide the ideal system to meet your specific needs.


Our technicians are certified in the installation and maintenance of every phone system we provide. We handle everything from the most basic to the most comprehensive telephone systems including voicemail, auto-attendant, menu-tree applications, and even call-center configurations. See The Latest Technologies for more information.

We respect your business environment by working quickly and at your convenience, even during night or weekend hours, giving you the freedom to focus on your business.

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling is a uniform and accessible system of wire and cable installation. Wires and cables are color-coded and bundled; jacks and faceplates are labeled for easy identification. CIT technicians then organize these bundles in racks and feed them neatly to a central wiring hub.

CIT follows BICSI standards, the leading association working to bring high standards to the cabling industry.

Structured cabling is not always apparent because wiring is usually hidden behind walls and in ceilings, but it allows technicians to quickly access, replace, repair, and maintain wiring. It also minimizes interference from other structural or electronic sources. And when your business grows, structured cabling greatly reduces the time and costs involved in adding new components and systems.


Developing your structured cabling plan during the design phase of your new building ensures compliance with industry standards and reduces possible fire hazards.


At CIT, we provide expert low-voltage cable installation in accordance with municipal criteria and Electrical Industry Association and Telecommunications Industry Association (EIA/TIA) standards. Our technicians stay ahead of changing regulations and new technologies. We also certify that your structured cabling will meet installation specifications with an Agilent Technologies systems check, during which we check every wire for cross-talk, cable length, impedance, attenuation, and anything in between.

Service & Installation

At CIT we go to great lengths to provide excellent customer service. If you need help with your DSL, call us. If you need to add voice and data lines for new employees, call us. If you need a phone audit to make sure all of your lines are working you can call us.

Our technicians and representatives have many years of experience in their specialties, and we place particular importance on continuing their education in these rapidly changing fields. A solid communications infrastructure, maintained by CIT, gives your business the capability to function efficiently and adapt to changes in your industry. At CIT, we do all of this:

  • Consult on existing and new technologies
  • Consult on design and implementation of systems
  • Install and maintain systems
  • Provide on-going service plans
  • Provide hands-on training


Today's technological advances can be confusing. To learn how emerging communications technologies can benefit your business, give us a call. We're happy to talk with you about technology, what we do with it, and what we can make it do for you.


Your custom-designed phone system provides the best return on your investment when you and your employees know from day one how to take advantage of all of the new features. We offer one-on-one and group training to familiarize personnel with your new system. This helps shorten the adjustment period and lessen the incidences of dropped calls, unanswered messages, and general confusion that accompany any significant change in business routine.


We offer optional maintenance coverage that goes beyond the warranty period provided by the telephone manufacturer. It's inexpensive, it's renewable annually, and it covers the maintenance of phone-related items such as phones, headsets, jacks, auto-attendants, and voicemail. With a maintenance agreement from CIT, your costs are known and stable.

Information Technology


In today's business world, technology is essential to keeping things running smoothly, but it can be a double edged sword. Hard drive crashes, power outages, and viruses can each come without warning, bringing your computer systems, and your business, to an abrupt halt. That's why, here at CIT, we provide I.T. and computer support services. Whether you want to be proactive in maintaining your computer systems or an incident has already occurred, our I.T. technicians will be able to help ensure that things run smoothly for you and your business.

We offer a large variety of I.T. services to our clients including:

  • Hardware/Software installation and repair
  • Malware/virus removal and protection
  • System backup and corruption recovery
  • Server and domain administration
  • Assistance through phone, email, remote desktop, or in person
  • New systems deployment
  • Printer and fax installation
  • And much more


CIT provides computer support services to many businesses throughout mid-Missouri. Our I.T. technicians have experience providing support to a wide variety of businesses, including those in:

  • Small Business
  • Healthcare
  • Law Enforcement
  • Retail
  • City Government
  • And more...

From small businesses to bustling enterprises and everything in between, CIT will be able to meet your business's computer support needs.

CIT is a proud supplier of Hewlett Packard computers and products.

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